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    A special plan to prepare those pleasures you like the most in the healthiest way , 100% natural, organic and vegan!

    -Bagoji Protein 500gr
    -Ready To Bake Brownie 123gr
    -Ready To Bake Pancakes 125gr
    -Ready To Bake Muffins 135gr
    -Wake Up 200gr
    -Instant Cacao 100% 250gr


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    If what you enjoy the most is cooking, this is your plan .

    The most versatile and optimal products to mix, add and Bake. 

    Our Cooking Pack is the ideal way to let yourself be carried away by new flavours, new recipes and enhance them in the best way 

    Basically, it is better to provide key nutrients than the foods that are commonly associated with these nutrients. But it's superfoods for you.

    Natively rich in:

    • Vitamin A

    • Vitamin C

    • Iron

    • Calcium

    • Potassium

    • Magnesium

    • Zinc

    • Protein

    • Cacao

    Recommended Use: Review the recommendations for use of each of the products.

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